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54f0] and.--lo ok iss out, get it for the people you that $49.90 is a spectacular fifth that comes this story and it is fabulous. our models going to the football fan shop then i hope you enjoyed shopping with us today, i will be back tomorrow at 2:00 a.m. buthe ordering process for thelored diamonds. i do you enjoyed it. 257-62. -- [♪ music ♪] >>host: the morning everybody my name is brett chukerman and bank is a much for
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joining us today.whether your team what our loss i know i am eating crow this week and who knew the bears to the seahawks on overtime no less. your joyful or ms roll we will reuse of potassic ways to celebrate your favorite teams and to great gifts to your sports lovers. it is a more and save day so you can shop for all the sports under less. you can't get some great deals and save some money on shipping and handling. gorgeous start with a customer pick red zone quarter zip pullover is the coaches jacket to make it is whether resistant and it is layered underneath that when it windy or cold outside. as it gets into the older months if you it and not state that is warmer it is a great chas-- choice it is only at $39.95 it is at final
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quantities of vinyl teams. other nfl teams. we have also the sure us throw it3 a material that you can't wash over and over again is available on 2 flexplay men's and you can grab all of your favorite teams for under $20 on your credit card. this is great for college and guys were the couch and so for your rights watch football daylong like you did yesterday. right do not you miss out on our vantage varsity jacket this is a vintage with genuine leather sleeves and has the classic lemon look and today it $40
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off of the price. c13 have a wide party of teams available but once again getting limited on and teams. it is $40 off as per our holiday pricing with four flexplay is a $57.49 it will get it home. we will discount how false the shipping and handling if you pay full price shipping+ for your first professional football find and each additional item after words you will have a half off the shipping and handling. please call us are testimonial topline when you place your order reads like to know whether the patriots or the texans are warned to go to the super bowl? 1-866-376-talk. i want to give a welcome to antthony
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back and you dismiss it becht. >>guest: how do you let a rookie quarterback, and your house and cause you guys lose team. >>host: even if your team loses i think there's morethat one more reason to shop for your team tonight.3 we are very limited on sizing and teams for nfl red zone
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quarter zip pullover and you know i'd like to call approach is jacket because it is all season and all other jacket. i am quartz to run through the team's as you talk about the quarters to pull over at $39.95. >>guest: is something one of the head coaches would wear during the coach is a pullover that goes over and nice and easy and as a sides zippered it is very easy on and off. this is transitional and declared any where are anyplace. you could walk dogis a great jacket for weather or mess. another thing i think about when i see jacket is as a player and play on the feel we, on the field couple of hours before the game to warm up, bread. this is a
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similar jacket we would where to get ourselves a warm up so anytime you out there and you went to get jog or stay warm and protect is up from the element this is a great pullover jacket. i are very limited on the teams that we have left. >>host: really quickly let show this feature because i love this. we have openings on the side so you will get a nice warm fit and comfortable fit. this is easy to get on and so compress to lake polan over under anything else you are wary. this is a limited and is a greatprice $39.95 it a final count for popular teams such as the new england patriots. i was having an3 earlier tonight whether the or patriots gonna be at the super bowl? i think it is the beat the patriots because
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they kind of lose their game on the playoffs and their little secretive about how great they are and that's one they surprise everybody on the playoffs. >>guest: the coach was talking about the win after the texans but they were not just happy about the wedding+ want to push themselves into the playoffs and be a contender this year. the one that separates the patriots and the texans is the patriots have experience and it because they've been there and they've done it. they understand the road it takes it is a long season and we used to call in a marathon because the time it will take to go throughout season and try to win games. when you look at the patriot and look what they're composed of with the experience with tom brady at the quarterback positiond coached the patriots i think you are right or or is outlast the use and texans. they're having a great
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season alevin and one they are the best team on the nfl. it is all about what they apply also we have to see what happens is sure when that time comes off. >>host: it is $20 of the price a customer it is great for the wind, rain and if you see your team here dummies is available but is coin to be a last call situation with the $20 saving. this is a great choice division know is coins last way beyond the winter months and the eagles that the team that needs a little faith and support from their stand. thisbill 49 years and the paris where in the same world right now. >>guest: these scenes from this side and now they're tied again they make a big kick in overtime to win the game in st. louis. >>host: are hometown team
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call the box and right now in several florida it feels warm this is gonna be essential to make you war. if you are the person and as someone in your life bellezza spendingthat love spending sundays at home with a big bag of popcorn this is ideal for that person is the nfl classic cargo fleece pants, item number 201-583 it is really soft and comfortable sweatpants for both guys and girls. we
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have all teams and sizes available in his last call. also, grape for the kids ande have the junior- sized rubber football it is0 it will make a great guest. the kids will be able to hold this one and play the games in the backyard. i remember growing up as a kid it was the most frustrating faint was a full-sized football i can't get my hand around it. >>guest: unilateral rule easy time brett catching mess. >>host: this junior-sized look all will be going out the door at the price ofthat price of $14.95. at the football fan shot you shop for any team is the matter what part of the country you are from
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it is tough so we make it easy to use to buy something you will love. the game something you will love and showing off some incredible team pride this is our defender fleece commemorative jacket. we only have your team if it only has won a pick nfl defender fleece commemorative jacket and if you are looking for a great verbal jacket for the winter months this is gonna be a great price for you to call. the price is $124.95 and you can't take it home for the flex payment of $31.24
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and there are four flex pay net available. >>guest: + this jacket agate a little bit of vital have a super bowl ring.+ remember the years on some of these patches and i was unable to get to the super bowls when i look at the broncos' they have awesome patches on the side of sleeve that signify the year that they won the fo -- the super bowl. on the other slave they showed the super bowl and blend and is so colorful and sleep. k. this is a great cut engraved jacket it is very warm and feels great. you have.
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>>host: take a look of the inside of this jacket is one of the softness where herbal jacket spirit and its great an ideal if dealing with the wet weather because carl others can be bad for that sector whether and i am not sure why i am looking at the colts' and the silver lining to us winning 2 weeks to get to play the wild card playing against the packers. this game will really matter and if you are out there been a bad bet is cheering this will be a great way to targecommemoratives your
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team. is possibly at the stadium and we talk about the hoodie cause buckets and the quality of the jacket this will be a bank trader. you will spend less on the ticket that you spend at the stadium store on this jacket. >>guest: reject of the holidays were trying to find rictus for family and friends and what to show support our teams. this price for this jacket is very close of today and economical.with all these patches it but we have on the patriots who had tight wins tonight but they clinched the afc east today with their victory with the miami dolphins. >>host: you'll agree with me that the patriots are remitted to the super bowl but who you think as corn to be the opposing team >>guest: their lot strong team gigantic away with the giants have done in the past that they have
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huge game tomorrow k at bears were your team. the packers are starting to get healthy and you ought to worry as a bear fan clear matthews is back and they're loading up their ammo for you guys to get into the playoffs and making the push to the super bowl. it in order and have a giants raiders are >>guest: it is possible 2 teams and understand and they've been there before and date understand what it takes to make their run. once you get there you have to be hot regardless of your record and that's why we look at teams like you send a command and 11-1 and are they getting hot at the right time? they have clinched their division earlier so
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the last couple games all mean much because when they are playing hide your plank for meaningful games at the end and that is so important for teams to make the pressure >>host: s about the features once or in the jack and i think this is an impressive troy's because it is so soft and comfortable. it set layer and cushion and pad that will help insulate and keep you warm. if there many places in a country where it is cold and your readers man but it is something to find that'sa raiders fan but it
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is hard to find something for your team. >>guest: you walk into the stadium and you walk into your tailgate you have this jacket andre on you'll make a statement this is a significant one with the steelers patches they have all the super bowls that are five of them and 05 is significant for me because i played against the jets and they beat us. we field goals
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and i know jet fans produce sorry i brought this up. we had chancesin that game we were so close to win the champion game. >>host: easier models wearing the champion had sent these are great tips for man or if you want to end up on the jumbo tribe this is a weighted 0 with the hats there are cozy. we will put information at the bottom the screening tissue when a shop for them right now and this is one that nobody is for taft.let's spend the rest of time right here. >>guest: this is a significant detail on the jacket it makes a significant look for this particular jacket. >>host: i was talking about staying around paris. >>guest: to want to
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really stay about the bears because it is been since 1985 that your barris hasn't won a super bowl championship. you have some crazy players on your team. >>host: we had a lot of fun and we need to get anm.b.a. fan >>guest: the embroidery has a nice pot at and beautiful colors. >>host: this is all embroidered and we are not talking about anything as greta favor repeal of this is the finest quality for any appeal
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or discolor. the quality is the finest in town when i talk about the americas and being honest life for all of the nation to see. >>guest: five super bowls here for dallas cowboys and the quarterback was trite ameroy. tony roma's, one of those guys that is like jekyll and hyde and is up and down throughout the season and hasn't been able to get them over the
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top of the mountain so they need another patch. >>host: the stay and talk about the cowboys one of the most popular tea's across the entire but we still have your sizing the cowboys available. we are getting close to end of the season so there's a more merchandise coming in soap final quantities are or to go and you will bornholm al comfortable and durable jacket. the stackable make a great christmas gift for someone who is a fan of the cowboys and you will get something that they do not have. i wanted to feel the jersey knit sauce sleeve on the defender slave and by the way throughout the next two hours if you have any questions at all you can go to our live and download the
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applicatio we will be able to answer any question you have because we wanted all love with whenever you are buying. i wanted to take a look at 3 and 1 jacket/best combo. if you are shopping this is a great choice if you are shopping and wanted everyone to make sure everyone knew about that it will be on next orderhour. >>guest: i can't
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believe you really hate the packers. >>host: it is my duty to take on the packers because it is my rival to the because i am from chicago. this is true but i am a true believer that is still in my blood. i wanna talk about a feature here because i love it because this is like history in the making it is like a story because it is unique to the packer jacket more than the others. if you are up pakistan or you wanna put me in my place as a paris fan this is a real specia packers fan or you just want to put me in my place
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please call us. i think this a lot out about this jacket is a jacket that shows your team won a super bowl ring lots of great detail and patches would be beautiful and braided logos. you are holding the green bay packers there's a lot of history in these jackets and i'd think it is great. >>host: if you are packers fan you need the protection, comfort and warmth to where. i am ago a little fast we have the food that nation it is a great choice they arwho datnation. lots of history
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there with the forty-niners and we have lots of great patches there. i apologize for coin fast there we are always on time. so fast we are almost out of time. >>guest: there's a big monday night game against the giants there's implications in the division. >>host: rosettes time data for your orderscalls. i took the best of luck because a lot studio lights but i want to see how great the hoodie is because we talk aboutne you are also getting the hoodie a
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classic pattern gray is aware of all. i like that we are doing subtle simple and if you look at antthony you could see the best and the full block of the three in-1. this is and more enjoyable presentation next hour but i want to make sure knew about it because it is the last day to take a bandage on holiday pricing. you'll receive the hoodie, vest and then our model is supporting the redskins' each and every one of balm have earflaps and it will keep you warm and cozy. you will see the steelers had choices it is priced at $17.95 it is one of the highestmy model andrea is also and as a result of favor because i purchased it for my dad and my
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brother this year it is nfl sneaker slippers and those places are decorative and they are slip your feet in slippers but they look like oversized sneakers. this one of our most popular guest here this year on and they're under $20. in addition to being a great team pride part of merchandise they are super soft and comfortable. there are rubber beating at the seawall slept or fall. on the bottom so you will not fall or slept. . this is a great item its item #211-109 the ultimate foam hand. now let's check in with the hsn
4:28 am of the smartest way to shop with us to apply cottages and carter is a mastercard and you can sign up for one by calling800- 695-1418 or you can ask about it when you place your orders. it will save $20 on any single item purchased an you could save $20 or more with the card any time of approval. it is a gray wig shop with us this holiday season and speaking of a holiday season you could join us tonight at for a launch of a brand to a special from our good friend todd english. he is bringing us the green pen technology will be featuring cookie sheets cake and squared this will launch tonight at midnight please some is that it will be our very best value of the tomorrow we have more of ourfan
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shot coming your way to please all messed up rear guard to get all of football gets covered will be right back. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: multicolor luck are football fans shot continues here hsn, my goodness our model does not taken down. we are done i am
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walking off. that's great if that is one of the paris players. >>host: this is one of home team vision serve buff throat the measure 60 in. by 80 in. they get soft fur with each squash and use. wear run off for you to flex payments plus reduce shipping and handling. this is a great time to buy them for absolutely everybodydaughters, neighbors ago as as as possible throughout our teams and antthony will explain the and team spirit if you see your team that means we your team available but we do not know how long it will last because were getting to the final quantities. are rance fan or belkin stand ngc
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your team just grab a. buzz about the backgrounds of people know what they're looking at. >>guest: this is a huge throw and measure 60 in. by 80 in. as a lugehelmet a landscape of the city and stadium of the team'sthose teams where they play. >>host: a one and ensure you see that your teams receivable the government and remember i wanna take one second because upright beautiful and as a great graphic and story to tell. this is going to be on your skin and i want to deceive the sure
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but because it is a soft cozy and winter decadent material that everyone will love and wrap themselves around it. i almost feel like we should call it a blanket and not throw because for example if you have kids that are going off to college it is great and perfect sizing for dorm rooms. many times you do not watch football alone it is big enough for many people to underneath it. the features are fantastic and everybody talks about how they wash well and they get softer the colors never believed our fate. ifown one of these throes would love to hear from you during the presentation. this is a perfect gift for everybody on last and we will start to see some of
4:34 am
the team's ball out. we the dallas cowboys which is popular team. will see at the knees in new york c13 jets and maybe they can score more wins. >>guest: of win is a win. 1 and my friends was choking on base but because the lions are competing13 now ther. this is one of my favorites in terms of the background because there's color and landscape and bring this story to life for you. you wanna hear more about the rose beauty to go to our about our
4:35 am
customers reduce this is a customer pick item. worry about or where in the country you are so this would make a perfect guest especially for those football fans. >>guest: he talked about the cold winter days that are coming up and you see the stadiums in no stand in the stadiums. by consent right when you throw these in a wash these actually get softer and it is a great feature that northwest has been able to add and we have the chiefs here that we have the and it is a tough loss because about guns knocked off of the13 we have here the giants and if we get a pitcher of the
4:36 am
landscape of new york and release shows aail and it makes a fan of part of theand sorel >>host: you can bring these after words and put them in the wash after use them at the stadium just like your teams these colors do fade if you are a laure this will keep here our pride throughout the years. the texans are on fire it is unbelievable. >>guest: having a good season and is showing they can win during regular- season and lacher they had a playoff win but they're looking to move forward they want to get to the
4:37 am
championship and superbowl championship. >>host: ask you this? if you are texan right now and you secured a spot for the you start taking everyone to the side and start saying to play 60% is water relax and start and if you know you are good to go does it change your way of playing. >>guest: 20 to one more victory to secureplay their guys and, and othersthem. it seems like the teen center them. i am lurin
4:38 am
>>host: with the patriots went into the playoffs that removes the patriots they do well throughout the whole year but this is a unbelievable stable enough football fan shop and if you do not own one join the club and get it as a gift for someone who has a favorite team. we have an return and they're so in you will deftly come back for more. we always sell out every single season and people come back and ask if they can get more from last year last season.we redesign them every
4:39 am
single year so it is really collector item and it is a great way if you are display stand to get something in your team logo our team colors use this insider asat the house while tailgating or picnicking it is going to be the go to blanket even when we are in the middle of baseball season. the soft feel beautiful looked on and we will start running thirteens once again so you get a chance and you see all the different luxe. if you see your team that means it is still availableteams.if you see your team that means there's still available. >>guest: here's downtown atlanta on the helmet for and these things are incredibly soft because the more you wash them and the mo ofter they get. hang as a
4:40 am
decorative piece in your man's cave or later escaped. they're almost 6 ft. 8 in blank and that is taller than me but these things used blankets and i can keep many people wore much as one. c13 >>host: tickell look at our very lucky models you did see how big are their oversize and comfortable. they have the best job in the world right now especially at this time of the night and morning. i get nervous that we get sound asleep are air presentation here. this is a cut above the rest if we were saying $40 and
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the fact of giving you these one-of-a- kind exclusive ages and designs that we really changeup every single year makes it especially deft and special moment. take a vantage ofadvantage of our flex payments and holiday price. it also do not forget our buy one shipping. with a sharper throw we are never too concerned getting too many returns because the detailed is exceptional and the colors never fade year after year. they get better with age its like a fine wine. >>guest: holidays are creeping up so do not procrastinate
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were talking about getting gifts for multiple co-workers and now you can get them these guest and is assemble it wrap them and shipping and send it to whoever you want sent toto send it to. 1 and make it simple for you and we want to be able to get everyone under less something for christmas this year. you do not have to worry about sizing all you have to know is what their favorite team? you know the care of
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also sometimes you have to hear about it more you want to hear about it on a sunday or monday but it is a great way to be able to celebrate and know what we do something different every single year. this becomes a collector item and we have every year collar say they picked up year after year. a caller that says they collect fees.these nfl bros. throws. ofsure of is
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d. >>guest: i am iraqi and the colts' fans are into this season they were not expecting playoffs but they deftly will go to the playoffs this year because they did an excellent job. bellezza second victory against the airlines' parent >>host: enjoyed bissell season then they did not get blocked date were looking for. i am eating my words but whatas and talking about cults. you see what these are always hard to hold on to them. you did see a
4:45 am
happy seahawks fan or maybe it is such a happy. >>host: talk about a city that your order to want something warm and cozy you will aa needed in cleveland all i know.forever this is nfl officially licensed and if you were to actually go to the stadium the prices are crazy and with this quality you'll find it there and if you did you will be doubling the price to get this and type of merchandise hold for you. in joy and shot pu joy and shop with us throughout the whole coun enjoy shop with us.
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you can always send the back to us if you are not impressed with the quality with no problems. you are not gonna be able find anywhere else in the entire nation all your nfl teams. >>guest: the buffalo bills getting back on track with a quarterback that them to the jim kelly days when they have the four straight super bowls. >>host: we talked about how the game change for every do this point of the season one is not happening question mark ever >>guest: buddy this time this season is
4:47 am
banged up and hurt and these are important weeks for them to get themselves back and ready and prepared for the playoff run. was great when teams lot of things early because when they get back they haven't played at the high performance r. pique they haven't had the feel as hard as they did in the beginning this is a time in helping the sometimes is a way to set to back a little bit. get to madden going. >>host: if you are done your couple weeks to play and maybe you are out of red army corps to experiment with new place? >>guest: keep it simple human one show to much to do and i some of the techniques but for the teams and locked up because a clinton but help is key to getting your
4:48 am
players that is what their oil to do. going to do. >>host: we have to moderate on our nfl full block premium this item #198-967 and all sides bets all. we also list for $21.95 and next time there's a football showed these ads will probably be gone. do not go anywhere we have more nfl fan shop coming up. [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you so much for shopping with us by name is brett chukerman and here's our good friend antthony he is worrying us the inside scoop today morgan offered to you right now this is the popular look in the entire world for a nfl jacket. it is a classic look with the letter and jacket and it has the leatherthe jacket we have the team establishment right here at the bottom with those dimensional patches as well as a logo and the name. this is really a cut above the rest and is the day to shop for this jacket. if we have taken $40
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off the price as part of our holiday promotion for you. we also for flex payments of $57.49 and that will get your jacket at home. we say this is exclusive because% we needed with this jacket it will be hard to find anything like this out there in the market. we have 13 teams left and i will let you talk about features in a minute. if we can't stay on me for just a moment or two is a well you are looking at the features you could see what teams we have and antthony can talk about some of the features while i run through them. >>guest: this is the best of jacket its ultimate detail and has 100% leather sleeves with the logo on the front and back and they have the raised high pile in chenille it is a great look it makes the jackets pop it is a great look and feel. it has a team
4:52 am
name and football fan patch it tells you the location of your team and establishment date on front of the jacket also. on the back you also have the team and the big logo and the real nice in quiche to warm and obviously these jackets have the red man at the bottom of the slate and around the neck to keep warm during the winter months.this is a end jacket it is really been stitch and throwback and it reminds me of the high school varsity jackets that were used wear when i will bring up and i was a football player. was a growing cropup. >>host: 3 through half the teams was sick a moment to show you
4:53 am
the inside of the jackend and let's show you the inside of the jacket. i love the contrasting on the opening of the pockets in the front to match6 c13 colored leather on the sleeves and once again we only have 13 teams last that is it.if you love this jacket you need to get in the ordering process right now you see 18th sellout.we just ran afc teams now will run for the teams. you get the establishment here right here and the location of the team right here in script and you also get more script in detail of what this jacket is so popular here at hsn. why we truly mean and we
4:54 am
say our design is exclusive to hsn because it is more detail. this is a great value c13 off the price plus four flex pay men's weaving get it home right now $57.49. you've given as a great difference only four months to pay for with no interest or financing do not have to shop with hsn credit card to take the advantage of our flex payments. we have nfl gear that is officially licensed by the nfl and i am so glad to have you here shopping with uswhether you are a saints fan or a pakistan. we have you coveredpackard fans.
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>>guest: your price of one of these jacket to have a helmet on the sleeve and there's something about the chenille that brings life to the jacket it brings in shows detail. it it different from everybody else's single that everybody else is wearing to the game this is different and you cannot find in the store. if you see this in the stadiums you will pay an ultimate price and another extra hundred dollars just to get the jacket with a leather and all the significant detail that you have an across-the-board on this entire jacket. >>host: the truth is and i cannot as jacket anywhere else because this is an hsn exclusive. if you see in your team we have it if you are eagle span
4:56 am
49ersfan stand i love the fact3 this jacket has a sophisticated edge to it and pro football players have access to lots of money passions and rich reserves for you. i think this is of that caliber begins you will see nfl player in that jacket. >>guest: yes, getting off the bus i see the guys bearing and throwing his jacket on because it has a
4:57 am
classy high and look to a great price. like out we talked about with the holidays coming we are trying to buy nice gifts for the someone that we live in our this is a great jacket to show loss of fan support it is a college jacket you will wear around town and campus.u give that same time oftypethis jacket will keep you warm it has the will in the front and another great detail that we said is in the inside of the jacket you could not beat the sudden " in the interior is the alternative color
4:58 am
for the team. >>host: 3 talk about details we did this act and simpers to match and that's why our football fan shop is incredibly popular year after year because we do not cut any of the detailede. we have 13 teams left we have a beer stand jackets,season that there are so many dallas cowboys fans. what
4:59 am
you think that is so?st: right jones did agree job marketing his team and even when they have losing seasons they seem to be and the top of very sports show in newspaper. even in the game must fight against the eagles and cowboys we seem to think it is the game of year. people gravitate to everything there is going on to dallas. >>host: 3 going to go over these jackets once and truitt breeze broke recorda
5:00 am
broke his record. the record. >>guest: nowhere he'll be around for next year. we >>host: bluebonnet bad as it did for the nfc and take advantage of our $40 saving. we wanna make sure you know we have nfl football gear spas of which for women and one of the most popular items has been our rally quilted vest.take a look at the style here and yes i had to pull out the bears' team you will
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seeors will match to your teams colors both primary and secondary colors and you also have the team logo in the front. it is available $54.95 and the most popular nfl womens princessc13 putting it is a vintage where at its absolute finest. i would giono's something about this as i love it it is a thin putting it a lightweight choice with a vintage styling it is when you wear all year round. please evanish of% flexplay trends of $27.48. want your ladies' to wear and support teams this is the ideal hoodie for those ladies'. we one hour halftime as the completed work adding to the
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second half of the game. this is a last chance and last day to be able to all our very popular three plays systems test and ready,. >>host: printed tickets, under $25. one of my favorites, is our wrap yourself around the the snaps shut so can be duffel full bid for you so when you are sitting up in bed watching hsn and eight football team,
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194-690. popular gift of all this here is the sneakers slippers. and to love these sneakers, you can ask about sizing we do have it available from small-x xl, we will match them to your shoe size.6 c13 or go online, we do have the cord and 18 sizes for you but these are not only a greatc13 their super itself, incredibly comfortable, they're under $20 a great gift i did but we will start this summer off with the mascot we're down to the vast 16 teams, this is been very popular gift of all going to the game and went to end up on the jumbo drawn, this is the way to do it. and we have
5:04 am
different structures to match, this is the template but then there, a philadelphia eagle, a year you have the jets, and the dallas cowboys. >>guest: we're talking about trying to find things for different to relatives and friends or co- workers, stock and suffers, something to fund the fun in to find a certain person in you lead to give a gift for how fine, get a laugh, these are great and these have a great purpose. this support your team but also it keeps you warm. c13 cover your with men to come and child, man, it great, i did see perfectly and it blocks and and they are fun to really show what team you are supporting. and >>host: garrison
5:05 am
mothers we have available, hear the green bay packer right here, the polar bear, you will love these. liver betty was cut in these home will rave about them, it is a customer pack6 c13 it is a functional happen is such a popular gift idea. here is the 40 niner's hat--3 traded something unique and special but here is the thing with 16 teams left 900 hats took up. that is about 80 per hat and that is it for the entire country and to love the idea of getting a set of these for father and son, mother and daughter, go to the games together were angered team mascot has come off whether it is the colts or
5:06 am
rams, this is fantastic, here we have the washington redskins tonight was asking the last time, why is that they pick? >>guest: that in the '80s they had the great linemen during a time when there were wearing the super yet the hot. you see the hawks in the stands. there are guys up there blocking every single day and they're not right halves right now-- hogs that is why they have this tax.hat. >>host: embarrass the and in the bears had is sold. yet it is available and very popular get to this holidayn, buy more and
5:07 am
save to add to end to be the extra gift in for somebody don't know what to give to them. i do know if you know who their team is, if you know they have a great team, you know that they love it and that they have followed in cared about it, they probably do have a teacher they love boat a hat bailout but they do not have a mascot hat, to wear this on their head and to put on display and their man cave, this is a very wonderful gift idea and for under $18, or you really cannot go wrong. i do love this is a secret santa gift. this is a way to get something special and memorable. >>guest: will live up and stick it in a stocking. it can vision mom, dad, my kids going to the game and they pop out with the
5:08 am
done, as is a great way to show your support and these are fun. and in view with them to the game nobody cares this is all about ready for your team, everybody will be in the parking lot this is a perry get everybody has kohl had sent this is a good, fun way support your team perry and >>host: what you to put this on andn. >>host: to be a model. >>host: vwhole lot, different from anything else you have the we did take a look at colts had, it is and the entire course brought to light each one of these is really different and full of character and life, grab the my you can, and is a five-star customer review product and we will continue to process of your
5:09 am
order so we give you an update about teen selling out. maybe you're about to start the day of the no. you are looking for something special you have come to the right place. we talked about the right place and especially at the right time, this is the moment. our last day, last chance and you have seen all of us wearing these an appeal of the watching drought the show it is the three playat best and hoodie bill perrywith your havegray hoodie. the great hoodie is incredibly soft, and his features the net you get both of these pieces; a three play you to wear them individually and it is warmer you could wear a t-shirt with the best for you have soft whether at
5:10 am
heather gray hoodie perry and--vest classic subtle look. get and what you to see the hoodie alone, this is a stable foundation and you have your team name across the front and of the local right here on the sleeve and that is it. this the one the kids to wear to school it is so soft and comfortable with this is the last day to day $20 off the price for holiday pricing on the best in hoodie, well. if you are thinking about pricing this individually, this is where you see the retail value.$130 for both of these in a stadium $150. you will get gives both
5:11 am
today for $99.95, it is the last opportunity to take home the, well, if you are shopping using flex pay+ and a credit card we do still haveall seen since eds is available but we will start to see them sell out to run it through the details. where would you be wearing the full look with the best? >>guest: this is a clean up and avoid this jacket you looked at it it doesn't have a lot of flash to it. has the team name, and nice and clear it is a great way to wear it when you think of the season's coming you think about fall, winter spring, if you wear one, where the boats in this is another detail have the books on their see you can actually hook on the best and these little blue box, great detail below
5:12 am
where the best, it will slide in know it does feel like one. is a great deal. it will give the the alternative you ticket often it does have a lot of great detail , where it to the game until cake, i envision fall. is a gray jacket tulare, you could just see jersey jacket, or human with. it does have a
5:13 am
thin layer on the inside as well as the thick cotton on the outside and to get an incredibly soft you will wear it to where this day and night and it will be a great to approve, but in this to another pick in the mail and you can throw the the sun over it and it is willing to be colder, you have outside in effect that it is a clean look i do think that this is woodses as the harvest this system that we are calling it has cut too perfect five- star reviews, it is on its way to being a big customer pet this is the last day to take revenge of the house with a price, it $99.95 but midnight tonight it will go up to $119. if you and
5:14 am
take care of kids and a football fan shop, you are in a book to take it then to buy more and save. pin you read through the season and threw out. >>guest: it has a lot of, that and those like they can wear it anywhere else you with this anywhere people- say will it's too much work and alchemizes and nays, clean look, to where run time, weren't 24, where it to the mall it is
5:15 am
heaven team like a sewer still supporting yourother jet is like to wear. because more purpose, flashing a pill i did a piece and as a player, how do the warm weather teams like insulate come and make their bodies ready handle 0.2 8 1/4 client? >>guest: a lot of the players to not like to receive sent anything on there aren't with the key is to clear the
5:16 am
clerk, slaves but we have warm creams, lots of set to put all love this, and your neighbors aren't uniform. when you are on these seven did not lane in you are waiting for the defense and the weather can a real hard and everywhere everything and there are a lot of them out there, in december of you when there besides imposing is a warm feel to it. repeat
5:17 am
to the center of your body, the heat in the trenton my hands are freezing, i did some of the bombers and even if it but to the field or up to pocket or you will put your hands and to keep your hands form. to really to get the full experience to be booked with this and keep your personal items that of some of those and the rhythm and year but and you and if
5:18 am
i'm not i will be told kidding. --- gating clean and has your team and different and the quilted+ vest, it keeps you warm and it is all about cord, your arms could a cold but as long as the cord is a form, that is the most respected part in what perry get warm >>host: we didn't skimp on any details there to pockets on the front and getting your internal pecan or if
5:19 am
it is a transitional autumn: in san through the and over it and knew we to endure and when you are this jacket on and you do have layers of look clothes underneath, such as, sweaters, it was like right in. there are six
5:20 am
gets ruffled up and said this is a pain in one of those it is done in each of its worry about adjusting ayrshire why aren't you playing with her.(...) >>host: i've had my say push up it will showwalter of the era one of the best races you will get for a gift because you do have the simplicity with the hoodie that is really and where all but the stadium and to a roundhouse and then you do have the great part of last the details are all here and the 3 right and this is the blessed day to
5:21 am
get both pieces home the trade looks and 1 for $25 on a credit card for using flex pay believe speaks to the incredible value. in december you will get cold up there where the san francisco, it gets very cold in yemen not have a winter jacket like to wear this in december and now that i am nice and warm and comfortable and win and is not that december san francisco told a separate peace with the rest of the year. >>guest: what can get for your dollar. new gift two items for the price of one. remember plane in san francisco offense of 49 years in the coldest part
5:22 am
of december and you do get the air on the big coming through the stadium and its coldgreat purpose, anywhere, anytime and do think that the three systems, the three ways you can wear it you aware with the best, without the best, together, into so many options and with the holidays coming up, is a great gift to stay warm. we talked about in half of the leak has a chance-- league.the minnesota vikings, the pittsburgh steelers the colts everybodyay still have a to make the playoffs.6 c13 they're all in the mix, is of time to support your team
5:23 am
and it is getting cold. a lot of things are coming up in the next couple of months to show your support for your team as it tried to make their push to the playoffs. >>host: glacier your team is here and i didn't listen to my friends and their teams is that about flu flannelet and who is to elect and the ferris may not a tip. i was still peart be in paris and here. --rs >>host: and everybody
5:24 am
gets a chance to have fun and it is a playful way to really have a great time. now tim to boa's gone and he is taking over this city and the team. >>host: what is great, there is probably now a lot of new displaced broncos think people are die-hard peyton manning fans have indianapolis' resistance needs to start shopping for broncos scared. >>guest: the broncos are one of the favorites they're ready have a lot of great players come and receivers and when you have peyton manning and someone was playing that good former and cp he may be the--
5:25 am
huge win today and it's been a weak division but they have been able to keep it out. >>host: do get worried that the injury, did you think that they be heard as a legacy for his days were done does everybody start a new season, often crisscross than knowing how it is going to go? >>guest: you watch. manning and the way that he talks about his prior you are not really sure. his son an excellent job. --he has done an excellent job is not in session knocked down that much and that is a tribute to the then and everyone around him who has raised the level which is what you want because we get into that they'll push, the won their division there are a couple more games
5:26 am
and the ball. the stock above the detail , and of embroidery di tella and you do have the thicker drawstrings right here said they do not get up into it, you have to pull and fight to get it top-quality hear from us here at hsn but as to talk about week 13 and 14 we start to lose a everybody's favorite team and size but do not miss out grab them what you can.each and every one of you no matter where you are in the country, 098-093, today is your last day to take the combination home for under $100.79 the prize will go up to do not miss out. and
5:27 am
over to and check out the expanded a sermon, we have so at the box ideas for tugging, entertaining for having now complain in a sunday game everything from hamas, suppers jackets,those you love and it is a great way to see everything that we have in our wonderful football fan shop. we have our popular sure but there is coming up, state soon and here is a quick reminder about our today's special and a message from our friend colleen lopez. [commercial] [commercial]
5:28 am
[commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [reading]
5:29 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you so much for a shopping with us this morning i am brett chuckerman and anthony is back, former nfl player with a and handling am afraid of what will happen. there is a deal, we want to talk aboutvp this is it, this is the sure bet throw, 60 x 80, super comfortable incredible quality a beautiful colors and all of the teams are available but as we move through the season, they will sell out. this is always a collector's item for everyone who shops with us here at hsnif you are new, this is the one item that you have to crack in half. this is6 c13 $40 and it is available

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